Seviye Tespit Sınavı

Lütfen aşağıdaki İletişim Bilgileri alanını tam ve eksiksiz doldurun. Aksi taktirde sınavınız değerlendirilmeye alınmayacaktır! Testin sonundaki Cevapları Gönder butonuna tıklayarak testi sonlandırabilirsiniz.

1) DIRECTIONS: Choose the best definition for each word.


2) Stylish

3) Celebrate

4) Parade

5) DIRECTIONS: Choose the sentence that correctly makes a request.

Homework request

6) Directions request

7) Request to wait

8) Car request

9) DIRECTIONS: Choose the word that states the idea in the strongest way.
____ stop eating junk food!

10) When we got to the station, we ____ buy our tickets.

11) Jiro ____ practice if he wants to become an Olympic gymnast.

12) Everything is all ready for the trip. We ____ spend any time packing.

13) If you visit Budapest, you ____ visit the market.

14) DIRECTIONS: Choose the word or phrase that matches each definition.

Teenagers go through this stage of life.

15) Before they become parents, people usually do this.

16) Before leaving school, you do this.

17) Before you get married, this happens.

18) DIRECTIONS: Choose the words that best complete each sentence in the passive voice.

The company opened its doors in 1990. It ____ by Jan Yokoe.

19) A tasty new popcorn snack called Cracker Jack ____ at the 1893 fair for the first time. It was
a big hit.

20) Shredded wheat was not a hit at the 1893 fair. Today shredded wheat ____ by millions of
people every day.

21) DIRECTIONS: Choose the sentence that best reports the quoted speech.

"I'd like to have you and Sharrise for dinner," Judy said.

22) DIRECTIONS: Choose the statement that matches each person best.

Deanna: There's a lot of crime in my neighborhood.
Winston: In the summer the air stings my eyes.
Suki: There are no jobs in my community.
Chico : It takes me two hours to drive home from work.

What would Winston say?

23) If a huge meteor hit Earth, …

24) Suki said, “If there was a way out, I would find it.”

25) “Don’t forget to lock up when you leave the house.” Mom said.

26) Lucy, ______ car is broken, needs a ride to work.

27) If only I ____ play the guitar as well as you.

28) If you ____ water, it _____

29) He ____ have lost his way. He knows the city so well.

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